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Use the potential of your soul in your business

Are you a new founder and looking for the right name for your start-up?  Do you want to build your personal brand and positioning based on your soul purpose?


Are you an entrepreneur or self-employed and feel stagnation, missing a certain “flow” of ease?

Then we're offSoul branding We would be happy to help you with our “know-how”!

Book your free 15 minute initial consultation!

Carina Schulde

Soul branding

The termSoul branding derives fromPersonal branding away. Based on your personal soul plan reading, you can integrate your own strengths, talents and clues from your subconscious personality into your business. In this way, you give your goals and visions powerful potential.

If you have employees/business partners, you can deploy them in the optimal areas of the company based on their individual abilities from their soul plan. You can greatly promote collaboration and togetherness between all colleagues.


Soul branding is primarily for people from the business sector. From start-ups to individual businesses to medium-sized companies. 

Get your 15 minute free initial consultation!

Soul Branding Business

"A brand is the expression and authenticity of a business" 

Successful business start-up


Are you a new founder?
Are you looking for a suitable business name. Would you like to build your own personal brand that is driven by your soul?

Get your start-up reading:


1 soul plan reading for you 

+ 1 reading for your business

 total online
3 x 1:1 coaching hours.



Price: € 397.-

Success in the company


You have a business name, but  you don't get into the certain "flow" of ease and progress - you feel stagnation.
You're ready to get here in the   

to go for change.
Get your soul branding

Basic reading:


 1 soul plan reading for you

+1 soul plan reading for your employee/business partner

+ 1 business name reading

total online
5 x 1:1 coaching hours.


Price: € 627.-

Growth in the company


You feel it's time for expansion, change.
You feel stagnation, you are no longer able to use your full potential. 

Get your soul branding special reading:


 1 soul plan reading for you

+4 soul plan readings for your employees/business partners

+ 1 business name reading

total online
10 x 1:1 coaching hours.

Price: € 1,177.- 

Carina Schulde

Your soul plan

For expanding your awareness in business

Your name at birth is the bearer of your personal soul plan. Recognize your dispositions, learn to understand your “tasks, talents, goals, soul purpose”. Create fruitful growth.

Soul Star


I would be happy to accompany you after the soul plan reading. 
To support you in implementing your talents. 
To make the best possible use of your personal potential on your way to your goal. 

1 month of support

1:1 accompaniment online
1 hour every week
personal support
over 1 month


3 months of support 

1:1 accompaniment online
One hour every week
personal support 
over 3 months 


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